OpenEDU4ALL on Open Education at EC-TEL 2017

OpenEDU4ALL on Open Education at EC-TEL 2017

OpenEDU4ALL: “How to improve Open Education with Openness for All?”

Interactive Workshop at EC-TEL Conference 2017 on Wednesday, 13th September 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia

OpenEDU4ALL is organized by ICORE and MOOQ at EC-TEL 2017: “We welcome and encourage all researchers and practitioners to join and contribute to our interactive OpenEDU4ALL Workshop!”, underlines Christian M. Stracke, OpenEDU4ALL organizer and ICDE Chair in OER from the Open University of the Netherlands. ICORE and MOOQ are joining forces again and inviting to the OpenEDU4ALL Workshop 2017. It is an interactive workshop on “Open Education for All” continuing the successful workshop from last year: OpenEDU4ALL 2017 will take place at the at the European Conference EC-TEL 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia on Wednesday, 13th of September 2017.


The Vision of OpenEDU4ALL

The vision and overall objective of OpenEDU4ALL is the launch of a global joint initiative to facilitate and improve Open Education. An important milestone would be the re-establishment of openness as default as in the 60ies years of the 20th century: Supported by UNESCO IITE, OEC and other organizations from Open Education, ICORE, the International Community for Open Research and Education ( and MOOQ, the European initiative for the quality of MOOCs and Open Education ( are inviting all interested citizens and organizations worldwide sharing this vision to join forces.

As a further step, ICORE and MOOQ are joining forces organizing a joint interactive Workshop at EC-TEL 2017 to continue the first ICORE and MOOQ Workshops at ICDE Global Conference 2015 in South Africa, OE Global 2016 in Poland, EC-TEL 2016 in Lyon and OE Global 2017 in Cape Town.


The interactive OpenEDU4ALL Workshop 2017

The interactive OpenEDU4ALL Workshop 2017 is dedicated for sharing and discussing the latest research as well as practical needs and future of Open Education and how to improve it with openness for all. Thus, it is designed in two sessions: One on “Scientific research and policies for Open Education” and one on “Practical needs and future of Open Education”.

The first session “Scientific research and policies for Open Education” will start with short introductory input speeches from ICORE, UNESCO IITE, OEC and MOOQ as leading organizations supporting OpenEDU4ALL 2017. It continues with an interactive survey and discussion involving all participants on quality needs and dimensions in Open Education. Main goal of the first session is the development of a declaration on Open Education for All. All OpenEDU4ALL participants will elaborate the declaration in working groups based on the results from the survey and discussion by all participants of OpenEDU4ALL before.

The second session “Practical needs and future of Open Education” will focus quality dimensions and indicators required for Open Education for All. OpenEDU4ALL participants will elaborate them in the format of an interactive World CafĂ© and with the involvement of input from a live twitter stream.

For the details of the two sessions, see below.

Participation in OpenEDU4ALL 2017 is free and open for all EC-TEL 2017 conference participants and interested experts and practitioners.

OpenEDU4ALL 2017 is co-organized by Christian M. Stracke and Esther Tan from the Open University of the Netherlands, Alexander Khoroshilov (UNESCO IITE) and Stavros Panagiotis Xanthopoylos (OEC) supported by an international Programme Committee.


More details about the two sessions of OpenEDU4ALL 2017

First session on policies for Open Education:

  1. Welcome
  2. Short introductory input speeches (by representatives from ICORE, UNESCO IITE, OEC and MOOQ)
  3. Interactive survey and discussion on quality needs and dimensions by all OpenEDU4ALL participants
  4. Working groups: Discussions how to improve declaration for Open Education based on survey and discussion
  5. Presentation of working group results in plenary (and their parallel integration into a declaration draft by an editing team)
  6. Discussion and approval of declaration draft in plenary


Second session on practices of Open Education:

  1. Collecting quality dimensions from plenary participants & live twitter stream
  2. Interactive World Cafe: Discussion of indicators for each quality dimension
  3. Presentation, discussion and integration of quality indicators in plenary
  4. Definition of next activities towards a global joint initiative


MOOQ Workshop organizers:

  • Christian M. Stracke (ICORE, MOOQ and OUNL),
  • Esther Tan (MOOQ and OUNL),
  • Alexander Khoroshilov (UNESCO IITE),
  • Stavros Panagiotis Xanthopoylos (OEC).

MOOQ Workshop facilitator: Christian M. Stracke (


OpenEDU4ALL 2017 website:


OpenEDU4ALL 2017 at EC-TEL 2017 is the continuation of the interactive Workshop at EC-TEL 2016 in Lyon. See more details here: