MOOQ selected as most innovative project

MOOQ is very proud to announce that MOOQ was selected as most innovative Erasmus+ project for the upcoming European Conference in Poland by European Commission! “We are happy to share and discuss our latest research results and the Quality Reference Framework for MOOCs”, says the satisfied MOOQ coordinator Christian M. Stracke from the Open University of the Netherlands.

All selected projects can join and present their progress and results at the conference on 26th to 28th of September 2018 in the Polish metropole Lodz. The Conference brings together Erasmus+ projects and their target groups under the (very long) title: “Innovate your teaching through methods like gamification, e-learning, Design Thinking, Project Based Learning, use of new technologies in higher education”.

MOOQ was appointed by the Dutch National Agency and is pleased to present the findings from the Global MOOC Quality Survey (GMQS). In addition, the Quality Reference Framework will be introduced that is submitted to the European and international standardization committees for official voting now.