Online Courses for Experts – Our Quality Criteria

Are you an experienced designer of online courses and wondering how you can improve them?

Are you an experienced online learner and asking yourself how you can find better online courses?

We have investigated the quality of online courses during the last years: In our Mixed Methods Research, we could identify the quality criteria for online courses thanks to the collaboration with more than 10.000 online learners, designers, facilitators and providers.

Our Quality Criteria for Experts in Online Learning offer you the full overview of all potential quality aspects and features.

In the end, it is always your responsibility to select the required quality criteria by yourself as you know: Of course, it depends on your specific situation and needs what is appropriate and best quality for you right now.

Enjoy reading and comparing with your own online learning experiences and courses!

You can find our Quality Criteria for Experts in Online Learning with an open license for free download, sharing and re-usage here: