• MOOQ survey on Quality of MOOCs launched

    The MOOQ survey on quality of MOOCs launched today Join our survey, it takes only 10 minutes: http://goo.gl/forms/dsjqwDl6jZ5iOmZx2 Please share your experiences and expectations with us and all interested MOOC learners and designers! Let us improve future MOOCs for better learning for all! Thank you very much for your feedback! The privacy statement for this […]

  • MOOQ and MOOCs at EDEN Conference 2016 in Budapest

    MOOCs are dead! Long live MOOCs! One provocative paper presentation at the European EDEN Conference 2016 among many other activities on MOOCs. This year, EDEN 2016 has a strong focus on MOOCs and I’m very pleased to heavily contribute and support the debate together with my colleagues: The presentation of my paper “MOOCs are dead!” […]

  • MOOQ presentation at EDEN Conference

    We are please that our MOOQ submission was selected for presentation at the European EDEN Conference 2016: Join us at the MOOQ presentation for discussing the quality of MOOCs! The MOOQ presentation will take place in the synergy session B5 on Wednesday, 15th of June (from 14:20 to 15:50). See the EDEN Programme here.

  • MOOQ Pre-Survey Launched at EDEN Conference

    MOOQ is pleased to announce the launch of the online pre-survey on the quality of MOOCs: It will take place at the EDEN Conference in Budapest, starting on Wednesday, 15th of June 2016. The pre-survey is developed for different target groups: MOOC learners and MOOC designers. All Experts and practitioners are invited to contribute to […]

  • MOOCs are Dead! Long Live MOOCs!

    MOOCs are dead! The provocative scientific paper by Christian M. Stracke from the Open University of the Netherlands was accepted for publication and presentation: Join the lively debate to discuss the challenges and potential of successful high quality MOOCs. And share your experiences and thought how we can jointly improve the future development and design […]